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Using GoodStuff with Nuget

The package is downloadable from the Downloads section of this site. Using the package has several advantages over old-style inclusion of the library in a 'Components' folder:

  • All references are maintained by the package manager
  • The projects and sub-projects automatically share the same version of GoodStuff
  • Installing the package on a web project automatically includes boilerplate code in the web.config file of web site.
  • Updating the version of the GoodStuff core library can be done with a single click.

The GoodStuff.Core package has now also been uploaded to, note that this is the same built as available on this site.

Getting the package

Find the goodstuff.core package in the NuGet online packager. As time of this writing, the core library version is 1.1. The name of the package is 'GoodStuff.Core' 


Using the package on the solution will show the following sample dialog:


Adding the GoodStuff package to your project will:

* create a Packages folder in your solution folder, with the correct binaries

* add references from the selected projects to this packages folder

* update any web.config of app.config file to include several statements:

** Registration of all configuration sections

** Registration of several HTTPHandlers and Modules

** Inclusion of some boilerplate configuration for standard GoodStuff.Web components.

Please not that some of the boilerplate code will not be required in your solution, you might need to disable some of the sections.

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