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Project Description
a Microsoft.Net library with common utility classes for web, mail and others.

We are currently working on documenting the classes, cleaning up the code, and packaging. The code itself has been part of production environments for several years years now, we think it is extremely stable and a welcome addition to the standard available classes.

We are looking for people willing to contribute to the library and help out with documentation.

This library is a collection of patterns and best practices learned while doing custom application development of a professional base. The classes have been developed according to the K.I.S.S. principle, because we have the feeling that a lot of existing libraries are bloated and over-engineered.

Some of the highlights:
  • Exception logger, mailer and viewer (exceptions.axd) GoodStuff.Diagnostics.ExceptionHandler
  • Template based messaging provider for sending emails with multilanguage support GoodStuff.Providers.MessagingProvider
  • Builder pattern for working with Linq2Sql classes GoodStuff.Data
  • Large library of web controls (styled buttons, validators, popups, captcha's, image handlers, etc.)
  • Simple ASP.Net robust data cache utility
  • Utility classes for retrieving strongly typed QueryString parameters
  • Extension methods for Dates, Enums, Linq etc.
  • Utility classes for reading web.config configuration sections
  • Provide proxy credentials in configuration with AuthenticatingProxy
  • Extension methods for working with reflection and Attributes
  • And much more...

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